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Michael Callahan

Professor of History Liberal Studies 1700 University Ave
4-520 AB
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PhD from Michigan State University in the History of International Relations

Courses Taught

International Relations

America and the World


Senior Seminar: Leadership, Ethics, and Contemporary Issues

Introduction to the Social Sciences

Kettering Awards          

Outstanding Teaching Award (2007)

Outstanding Researcher Award (2006)

Outstanding New Researcher Award (2000)





Research Associations:


"The League of Nations and the Problems of Health and the Environment:  Leadership for the Common Good in Historical Perspective" in Benjamin W. Redekop, ed., Leadership and Environmental Sustainability (2010).

"'Mandated Territories Are Not Colonies:'  Britain, France, and Africa in the 1930s" in R.M. Douglas, Michael D. Callahan, and Elizabeth Bishop, eds. Imperialism on Trial:  International Oversight of Colonial Rule in Historical Perspective (2006).

A Sacred Trust:  The League of Nations and Africa, 1929-1946 (2004).

Mandates and Empire:  The League of Nations and Africa, 1914-1931 (1999/2008).

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Elizabeth Campbell

1700 University Ave
4-318 II AB

Natalie Candela

Director Academic Success Center 1700 University Avenue
3-322 AB

Sarah Carlson

Computer Science 1700 University Ave

Steven Cater

Associate professor of Computer Science and Mathematics Computer Science 1700 University Ave
2-300L AB
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Dr. Steven C. Cater, associate professor of Computer Science and Mathematics
Ph.D. in Computer Science from Louisiana State University, with expertise in combinatorial enumeration and graph games, compiler/language design and implementation, and mathematical information retrieval.

Cater sees Kettering students as capable, inquisitive and eager. The fact that "Kettering students are better prepared for the real world" distinguishes them from students at other colleges. He was motivated to teach at Kettering by the opportunity to launch a Computer Science program and to work with students in small classes. He enjoys teaching at Kettering because of the high quality of the students.

Hidden talents and outside interests: When not teaching Cater enjoys travel, coding, writing, and music.

Research Associations:

Combinatorial Enumeration and Graph Games
Compiler/Language Design and Implementation
Mathematical Information Retrieval

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Brian Catt II

Admissions Counselor Admissions 4-820 CC

Matthew Causley

Assistant Professor Math 2-100 H AB

Karen Cayo

Interim Department Head, Lecturer Department of Business, Graduate Faculty 1700 University Ave
4-345 AB

S. Chakravarthy

Department Head, Professor Graduate Faculty, Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering 1700 University Ave
1-700N AB
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Dr. Srinivas R. Chakravarthy, professor of Industrial Engineering
Ph.D. in Operations Research from the Department of Mathematical Sciences at the University of Delaware, with expertise in applied probability, applied statistics, mathematics, operations research, reliability and stochastic modeling.

Chakravarthy views Kettering students as mature, respectful and helpful. He feels several things distinguish Kettering students from students at other colleges, such as the work experience they get when they are still studying, the faculty-to-student ratio at Kettering, the easy access to faculty, and the warm and compassionate atmosphere at Kettering which allows them to function effectively. Though the student population and the background they have by graduation and the opportunity to offer personal attention due to small class sizes first attracted Chakravarthy to teaching at Kettering, it is the "students' curiosity about the application of knowledge gained in the classroom" that he enjoys the most.

Once when he had to rush a class to finish solving a problem, Chakravarthy overlooked an error which he pointed out to the students the next day. He told the students that there are three things in life that one shouldn't rush. The second is eating and the third is doing mathematics. Immediately one student raised his hand asked, with a smile on his face, "what is the first thing?" Chakravarthy told him (without a pause), ". . .well for you young gentleman it is playing chess." This caused the entire class to burst into laughter.

Chakravarthy would tell prospective students to "get your algebra and trigonometry skills sharpened, develop good study habits and get into a good network of friends to help each other, and don't hesitate to take advantage of the faculty-to-student ratio and easy accessibility to talk to faculty members."

Hidden talents and outside interests: When not teaching, Chakravarthy enjoys reading, writing, and playing and watching sports.

Research Associations:
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Ram Chandran

Professor Graduate Faculty, Mechanical Engineering 1700 University Ave
2-243 MC
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Dr. Ram S. Chandran, professor of Mechanical Engineering
Ph.D. from Monash University, Australia, in Mechanical Engineering, with expertise in dynamic systems, control systems, and fluid power systems.

Chandran views Kettering students as go-getters and feels that their skills in effective time management and leadership set them apart from students at other colleges. It was the cooperative education program that first attracted Chandran to teaching at Kettering. His appreciates that Kettering students are knowledgeable about the real world and that many of them can relate class work to industrial work and learn accordingly, often making teaching a challenge.

Hidden talents and outside interests: When not involved with research and students, Chandran enjoys reading, exercise, and listening to classical music.

Research Associations:

Dynamic Systems
Electrohydraulic servo systems
Hydraulic systems


Seeniraj, Ganesh, and Ram Chandran. "Study Into Effect of Dead Center Position on Pressure and Flow Ripples of a Variable Displacement Axial Piston Swash Plate Hydraulic Pump." The Twelfth Scandinavian International Conference on Fluid Power, May 18-20, 2011. Tampere, Finland: Print.

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