Where do you want to be? Co-op can get you there.

You're looking at Kettering because you're smart. You're motivated. You have places you want to go in life. This is a university for talented people. But don't other colleges tell you the same thing? What sets Kettering apart?

Co-op Student

What Kettering offers you that can't be duplicated elsewhere is the Co-op experience. Co-op isn't an internship.  The Co-op program matches you with the industry / company that interests you while attaining your degree.

Are you interested in a career with Ford, Yamaha, or GM? Start here. Do you want to work for NASA? Do it. Medical industry, financial industry, electronics, logistics, federal government, environmental science and manufacturing...Kettering Co-op can connect you to your passion.

Look ahead to graduation.  If you want to graduate with actual work experience in an industry you love, Kettering can make it happen.