What is Cooperative and Experiential Learning?  

Unlike most universities, Kettering requires co-op or other forms of experiential learning for every degree program beginning as early as freshman year.  Kettering University is different and that's how we like it!    
We've put together an innovative program designed to develop leaders in the technological sector. In today's labor market, Kettering students are more important than ever before - and they're an essential investment in your company's future.   

Students who blend theory taught in the Kettering classroom with real world work experience are more mature, better problem solvers, and more technically knowledgable than those who have had no related work experience. And most importantly, co-op students are 73% more cost effective for the employer.

Kettering faculty and students understand that your time is important. That's why Kettering's Co-op program is special.  It is a symbiotic relationship between companies and students where the long term goal is to create a new generation of employees that are passionate about the work that they do. 
Co-op StudentKettering's Co-op is a program designed to place students that possess intelligence, initiative, and a strong work ethic with business partners that are willing to take fresh talent under their wing and mold them into assets for their industry, not merely for a semester, but for an entire career.

Kettering students are also available as early as their freshman year.  Many students stay with the same organization througout their undergraduate education because companies quickly see the real value.