Chemical Engineering

Welcome to the web home of Kettering University’s Department of Chemical Engineering.  The Department of Chemical Engineering is the newest and fastest growing program at Kettering, with about a hundred students.  Our students are employed at co-op employers across the industry, in businesses large and small, from BASF to Dow Chemical to General Motors.  Kettering’s strength of experiential based hands-on learning with five chemical engineering laboratory courses, strong cooperative education programs, and energetic faculty poises our graduates to be leaders in industry.

Chemical engineers work throughout industry and government.  Without chemical engineers, we would not have many mass produced modern conveniences such as tires, gasoline, pharmaceuticals or instant coffee.  Many chemical engineers are involved in the mass production of chemical commodities, which includes food, drugs, medicine, fuel, paints, plastics, and catalysts.  In addition, chemical engineers are involved in research, product design, failure analysis, safety, environmental regulation and compliance, national security, and alternative energy, to name a few.  This is due to chemical engineering graduates’ broad educational background in chemistry, physics, math, engineering fundamentals, as well as core disciplines such as reaction engineering, separations, and plant design.  As a consequence, chemical engineers are highly sought out and recruited upon graduation and command some of the highest salaries among college graduates.  Chemical engineering graduates may also go on to medical school, law school, or graduate school.

The Chemical Engineering Program at Kettering University boasts new state-of-the art teaching laboratories with all new equipment, highly qualified faculty and small class sizes.  The small class sizes allow for individualized attention in a supportive atmosphere, with professors in both labs and classrooms - something that is hard to find at other schools! 

If you have any questions about chemical engineering or the program at Kettering, do not hesitate to contact us.